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Ollie North
sonous publicity surrounding the raid, and numerous inflammatory and false statements to the court by John Markham.
When those statements were later proved to be false, the defendants, now released, were without a real remedy except to
call the Boston trial court’s attention to Markham’s lies.
At the same time, key prosecution witnesses underwent
“deprogramming” by so-called cult experts to prepare for testimony, and were granted numerous benefits never disclosed
to the defense. Markham and Mueller employed the ADL for
witness interviews, thus evading the requirements for disclosure required of government agents, used Dennis King as a
consultant, and used inflammatory allegations which they
knew to be false in television broadcasts aimed at poisoning
the jury pool. Donald Moore, who had illegally burglarized
EIR’s offices and mapped LaRouche’s assassination, was invited by Markham and Mueller to come to Boston to serve as
their assistant on the criminal case.
The Boston case, in which LaRouche was indicted for obstruction of justice, fell apart when FOIA documents revealed
small aspects of the secret covert operations being run parallel to the criminal prosecution—notably a document from
Ollie North’s safe indicating extreme White House interest in
players in the LaRouche case. As a result, Federal Judge Robert Keeton, following the classified trail which he viewed in
documents which he ordered be presented to him in camera,
ordered a search of Vice-President Bush’s office for exculpatory evidence. During prosecutorial misconduct hearings
conducted before Judge Keeton, it was also discovered that
a national security informant had been infiltrated into the
Utilizing what he has come to call “shock and awe” tactics,
Mueller employed a force of some 400 law enforcement agents
and privately owned armored personnel carriers to raid two office buildings in Leesburg, Virginia where EIR and other companies associated with LaRouche were located—this, for what
former Attorney General Ramsey Clark accurately describes as
“book people.” Ibykus farm was surrounded by SWAT teams in
black ninja gear, and helicopters flew overhead.
At 10 p.m., Fox News reported that authorities were about
to enter Ibykus Farm to search for a “weapons cache.” No such
weapons cache existed, and the FBI and ATF knew it. The
plan to kill LaRouche was only aborted when his associates
sent a telegram to President Reagan seeking his intervention.
Based on a classified mechanism with the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, documents seized in the raid were
taken to a military facility, Henderson
Hall, where they were undoubtedly reviewed by intelligence officials for purposes of their continued classified operations. William Weld, then heading
the Department of Justice Criminal Division, claimed that this extraordinary
procedure was necessary to prevent the
LaRouche people from breaking into a
normal government facility and stealing
back their documents!
On the day of the raid, Mueller and
Markham targeted and arrested key personnel involved in LaRouche’s intelligence
functions and security, charging them
with obstruction of justice. To break them,
the prosecutors sought lengthy periods of
detention, which the Alexandria federal
John Markham
court granted based on the wave of poiBob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
Gage Skidmore
William Weld
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