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Robert Mueller and George W. Bush.
This is not the place for a full review of the joint British and
American responsibility for Salafist terrorism. From the U.S.
side, Zbigniew Brzezinski deliberately created and supported
an entire generation of such terrorists, including Osama Bin
Laden, in his geopolitical war game with the Soviet Union. He
deliberately created a terrorist insurgency in Afghanistan in
order to draw the Russians into a war there, and gloated about
it until his recent death. Saudi Arabia has never been anything
other than a satrap of the British, and the second incubation
point for the terrorist phenomena manifesting themselves in
9/11 lies in the mosques of “Londonistan.” The CIA knew this.
MI6 knew this. They had been using these terrorist networks
for years for their own geopolitical purposes.
The FBI did not pay attention to the Saudis before 2001 because “they were an ally,” according to testimony provided in
the wake of the attacks. In August of 2001, President Bush was
handed a CIA briefing which explicitly warned that Al-Qaeda
was about to launch a major attack on the United States using
airplanes. The President did nothing. Earlier, Robert Mueller,
serving as Deputy Attorney General in the days prior to 9/11,
had blocked a major funding increase for the FBI’s counterterrorism division led by John O’Neill. O’Neill had moved
his entire operation to New York because official Washington
would not listen to his warnings about Al-Qaeda. The job to
“aggressively deceive” the American people about this sordid
history fell to Robert Swan Mueller III, and he obstructed a
Congressional investigation to do precisely that.
Due to an act of Congress, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), the 9/11 families are now proceeding with
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
their lawsuit against the Saudis. But why should
they have to endure years more of litigation? Why
doesn’t President Trump open the actual door on
this process, assigning seasoned investigators,
like Michael Jacobsen, who unearthed the San
Diego FBI trove, to a full review and disclosure
of the Saudi role in 9/11, the U.S. and British government role in creating and fostering Islamic
terrorism, and the “aggressive deception” and obstruction of justice by Robert Mueller and others
which resulted in this illegal coverup?
While engaged in “aggressive deception”
about the criminal conspiracy resulting in almost 3,000 American murders, Robert Mueller
continued to railroad innocents. He personally
directed the PENTBOM investigation which
falsely accused Dr. Steven Hatfill of mailing the
White House
deadly Anthrax letters which killed five people
in 2001. For years, Mueller harassed the innocent Dr. Hatfill, ordering the FBI to search his
apartment multiple times, searching the apartment of his girlfriend, ensuring that Hatfill lost his job, and leaking continuously to the national news media about Hatfill’s alleged perfidies. Once, when an FBI agent ran over Hatfill’s foot with his
car, it was arranged that Hatfill would get a ticket for impeding
traffic. The Justice Department finally paid Hatfill $5.8 million
dollars to settle his Privacy Act lawsuit aimed at government
leaks—a settlement, along with an exoneration, which only
came when a federal judge insisted that reporters reveal their
Justice Department and FBI sources for stories about Hatfill.
As part of the same PENTBOM 9/11 investigation which
destroyed Hatfill’s life, Mueller, with Attorney General John
Ashcroft, rounded up 762 Muslims who had overstayed their
visas, and were identified via tips to the FBI “tip line” from a
hysterical public reacting to the events of 9/11. Remember,
Prince Bandar had already moved the key Saudis involved
with the hijackers out of the United States. These individuals were detained, without charges, in a special unit of New
York’s Metropolitan Detention Center. Their jail conditions
were supervised by Mueller and a small group of other Washington officials, and amounted to torture. They were deprived
of sleep and food, repeatedly strip searched, physically and
verbally abused by guards, and denied basic hygiene items
like soap, toilet paper, and towels, or any access to the outside
world. Both the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of
New York and the Second Circuit kept Mueller as a defendant
in the subsequent civil rights suit brought by the detainees.
This means, under the high standard of proof required of civil
rights plaintiffs, that the judges were literally appalled by the
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