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alternative system, Trail Blazer, which masscollected data on every American, in violation
of the Fourth Amendment. Drowning in data
under SAIC’s alternative surveillance program,
the NSA was unable to pinpoint actual terrorist plots. Binney and his collaborators demonstrated that under his program, ThinThread, all
of the information necessary to stop the 9/11
hijackers was recorded by the NSA and readily available to investigators. For that, Robert
Mueller sent the FBI to raid and harass Binney
and his collaborators, bringing criminal charges against one of them, Thomas Drake, which
were later dropped.
And then, of course, there is Enron, another
notch in Mueller’s prosecutorial belt. Stretching the law on obstruction of justice, Mueller
and his task force went after Arthur Anderson
Jacob Appelbaum
Bill Binney, while working at the NSA, invented a superior surveillance system which and Company, then one of the world’s largest
would accurately track terrorists while preserving the U.S. Constitution. He and his col- accounting firms, for the perfidies of Enron,
leagues proved that Binney’s system would have fully revealed the 9/11 plot in time to
charging the accountants with obstruction of
stop it. As a result, Mueller sent the FBI after Binney and his colleagues.
justice. The U.S. Supreme Court found that
Mueller and friends had stretched the obstruczens. In the film, The Good American, Binney tells the story
tion statute beyond recognition to prevail in the case, a reof how he did this, and how General Michael Hayden, then
versal which came too late for the company and the people
the Director of the NSA, ditched Binney’s program and spent
who worked there. Arthur Anderson went out of business as
millions of dollars with an outside contractor, SAIC, on an
a result of Mueller’s prosecution.
The Set-Up of President Trump
The True Origins of the Coup
Against the President
The coup against Donald Trump, in which Robert Mueller has been assigned to conduct the concluding acts, actually
began in 2013-2014. The popular explanation for the perfidies
and crimes against the President is that Hillary Clinton and
Barack Obama employed their networks, including stay-behind loyalists in the government and in the intelligence community, to change the result of the U.S. election, to stage the
ongoing coup. This explanation, focused primarily on events
in 2016, while true in an immediate domestic sense, misses
the larger picture. As we shall show, the British started calling
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
for Donald Trump’s head, by their own account, in 2015 and
meddled and meddled in the U.S. election and the coup to
reverse its result every day thereafter. A recent book by Dick
Morris and Ellen McGann, Rogue Spooks, the Intelligence War
on Trump, puts appropriate emphasis on the British origin of
the war against the President, but assigns the wrong motive
for the crimes committed.
Why, for example, did the FBI obtain a FISA warrant for
Paul Manafort in 2014 based on his political consulting work
in Ukraine? Why, according to accounts in the Guardian, did
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