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On July 16, 2014, the BRICS group
of nations meeting in Fortaleza, Brazil,
joined by the Latin American heads of
state, agreed with Xi Jinping’s proposal
on the creation of an entirely new economic and financial system, representing a fundamental alternative to the
casino economy of the present system
of globalization. The Anglo-American
globalist system is based on maximized profit of the few, and the impoverishment of billions of people. In
the new paradigm, financing for joint
great projects is to come from development banks, such as the newly created
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
(AIIB), ending dependence on such
globalist institutions as the IMF or
World Bank. Globalization as adminVictoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs under Obama, istered by the IMF and World Bank is
hands out cookies to ground troops of the color revolution in Kiev, 2014.
effectively a system of imperial debt
slavery, keeping the nations dependent
the British start demanding Trump’s head in 2015, and warn
on their loans in primitive economic conditions, while their
that the DNC computers had been hacked in July of 2015, a
raw materials are looted.
full year before the DNC alleged it had been hacked? Why did
As Prime Minister Narenda Modi from India remarked,
the British keep pushing and pushing for Trump’s removal by
any means necessary? Why was Hillary Clinton’s campaign
The BRICS is unique as an international institution.
working not only with British intelligence’s Christopher Steele
In this first instance, it unifies a group of nations, not
and Sir Andrew Wood to develop dirt on Trump, but also
on the basis of their existing prosperity or common
with Ukrainian intelligence? Why was NATO intelligence, an
identities, but rather their future potentials. The idea
appendage of the British, raving about Russian bots and Rusof the BRICS itself is thus aligned with the future.
sian “hybrid warfare,” leaking repeatedly to the London press
in 2014 and 2015 about the purported evil emanating from
It is not incidental to this remark that Russia, China, and
the St. Petersburg Internet Research Agency and thousands
India have set future goals for space exploration, including
of paid internet trolls?
most specifically exploration of the Moon and possible exploitation of helium-3 on the Moon, which has the potential
of finally realizing nuclear fusion power as a primary energy
The Real Story: Issues of War, Peace,
source powering the world.
and the Future
China has made clear that no small part of this initiative is
Beginning with an announcement of President Xi Jinping, at
inspired by the work of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. Many
a conference in Kazakhstan in July of 2013, China has set into
of the envisioned projects reflect long-standing proposals by
motion an entirely new dynamic in the world, a new paradigm
Executive Intelligence Review and the Schiller Institute. The
of cooperation between nation states, to build vital modern inmethods employed echo the ideas of political economy first
frastructure allowing nations in the former “developing sector”
developed by Alexander Hamilton, and deployed by Abrato reach their full economic potentials. Xi Jinping’s vision of the
ham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt—ideas uniquely deNew Silk Road or “One Belt, One Road” project has been enveloped and expanded by Lyndon LaRouche. Xi Jinping has
dorsed by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Russia and China are joining
asked the United States to join this great venture, which could
in projects which will fully develop the Eurasian landmass, creproduce thousands of productive jobs and jump-start infraating a “new financial architecture” in the Asia-Pacific region.
structure projects in this country. Obama adamantly refused
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