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At his speech to the historic Belt and Road Forum in Beijing on May 14, 2017, Xi Jinping contrasted the new “win-win” paradigm of the Belt and
Road Initiative with the imperial model of geopolitics: “China will enhance friendship and cooperation with all countries involved in the Belt and
Road Initiative ... We are ready to share practices of development with other countries, but we have no intention to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, export our own social system and model of development, or impose our own will on others. In pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative,
we will not resort to outdated geopolitical maneuvering. What we hope to achieve is a new model of win-win cooperation. We have no intention
to form a small group detrimental to stability; what we hope to create is a big family of harmonious co-existence.”
Xi’s offer, and did everything in his power to block and defeat the Chinese initiative. President Trump has indicated an
openness to the proposition.
These 2013-2014 events were and are a direct challenge to
the British imperial system. They directly challenge the monetary system which is the source of Anglo-American domination of the world. They directly challenge fundamental British
strategic policy extant since the days of Halford Mackinder.
Under the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, joined with Russia’s Eurasian Union, Mackinder’s “world island” of Eurasia
and Africa will be developed, crisscrossed with new highspeed rail links, new cities, and vital modern infrastructure,
based on the mutual benefit of all of the nation states existing
there. Under the British geopolitical model, this area of the
world has been subjected to endless instability, war, and raw
materials looting. Xi Jinping has also attacked the geopolitical
axioms by which the United States and the British have operated. He proposes instead a model of “win-win” cooperation
in which nation states collaborate for development based on
the common aims of mankind.
The Anglo-American response to this development can
be seen in the events in Ukraine, where Obama, the British,
and the National Endowment for Democracy staged a coup
in February 2014, overthrowing the government of the duly
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
elected President, Victor Yanukovych, because he refused to
turn his country into a western satrapy to be wielded against
Putin’s Russia. Assistant Secretary of State for European and
Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, who helped oversee the
coup from her perch at Hillary Clinton’s State Department,
was famously caught on tape dictating the Ukraine succession, after bands of murderous neo-Nazis did the scut-work
for the coup. According to Nuland, the price for this handiwork was some $5 billion.
The actual “swamp” of the British and their accomplices in
the U.S. intelligence community and aligned trans-Atlantic
institutions, like NATO, have viewed themselves as being in
a state of war against Russia and China since the 2013-2014
events. Think about former DNI Clapper’s unhinged speech
of June 7, 2017 in Australia. Clapper ranted that it was in
Putin’s and Russia’s “genes” to attack the United States. Since
Trump pursues better relations and shared intelligence with
Russia on terrorism, Clapper ranted, Watergate (where Richard Nixon committed proven crimes) paled in comparison
to Russiagate (where both Clapper and Comey have testified
that, to date, the President has committed no crimes). In addition, Clapper told the Aussies to target China, accusing the
Chinese, without any offer of proof, of meddling in Australia’s
elections. Former FBI Director James Comey backed ClapPage 19


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