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What Did Trump Do?
Like LaRouche, Trump represents an existential
challenge to the post-War British-dictated monetarist
and imperial order. In his campaign platform he called
for the reinstitution of Glass-Steagall banking separation. This would end the casino economy which is
about to blow up again—the real economy never having recovered from the collapse of 2008. He wants to
build huge modern infrastructure and revitalize the
manufacturing sector of the economy with modern
manufacturing techniques. He wants to return the
United States to space exploration and the funding of
fundamental science, recognizing the optimistic national morale which will result from that.
In his public speeches, Trump has repeatedly invoked
what he understands as “The American System” of political economy, a concept developed and elaborated in
recent history by only one man, Lyndon LaRouche. This
centers economic systems in nation states, rather than
global institutions, and calls for harnessing the resources of the nation state to develop the economy to higher
and higher levels of physical productivity and human
culture. While Trump has features in his version of the
U.S. President Donald Trump in his address to the UN General Assembly on American System which LaRouche would not endorse
Sept. 19, 2017 declared the end to the hegemonic unipolar system, stating:
as historically accurate or politically wise, even the use
“We do not expect diverse countries to share the same cultures, traditions, or
of the term, invoking Alexander Hamilton and Lincoln’s
even systems of government... Strong, sovereign nations let diverse countries
with different values, different cultures, and different dreams not just coexist, economist Henry C. Carey, is a direct challenge to the
free trade, small-government nostrums foisted on the
but work side by side on the basis of mutual respect.”
United States by a parade of British agents during the
Twentieth Century. [SEE BOX]
per in his testimony on June 8, 2017, attempting to wax eloThe British, up to this point, have been largely successful in
quent in response to Senator Joe Manchin, about how Putin
burying the actual ideas of Alexander Hamilton and Frankexists with one purpose in mind—to shred and dismember
lin Roosevelt, and burying the fundamental advances in
the United States.
these ideas resulting from original discoveries by LaRouche.
But China and Russia have completely outflanked these
Through deliberate miseducation of Americans, the Britcretins, and the new paradigm is rapidly coming to life with
ish have made their economic theories and systems, against
“shovels in the ground” everywhere. In response, the Anglowhich Americans explicitly fought in our Revolution, appear
American elites have absolutely nothing to offer the world exto be universal laws of human behavior.
cept the same dying, decadent globalist “order.” This explains
As his September 19, 2017 speech to the U.N. General Assembly
why many in official Washington let loose their inner alien
emphasized, Trump envisions a system of sovereign nations, each
monster every time the President mentions a desire for better
striving to develop and enrich their populations, engaged in cooprelations with Russia, or evinces his friendship with President
erative trade relationships, reciprocal in nature and targeted for the
Xi Jinping of China. This is why Hillary Clinton has literally
benefit of each party. His U.N. speech echoed the foreign policy of
gone insane, raving like Lady Macbeth, and obsessing about
John Quincy Adams, a policy which forbade our nation from “goPutin’s “man-spreading.” That is why, also, they would risk
ing abroad, seeking monsters to destroy.” This is the very opposite of
World War III rather than see the “Belt and Road,” the New
the imperial-gendarme, perpetual-war policy long favored by the
Silk Road, go forward with its “community of principle” idea
British for the United States. Trump’s positive vision, under present
of relations among nations.
circumstances, requires active collaboration with Russia and China.
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