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Revival of the American System
On March 20–21, 2017, in two back-to-back speeches, one at a rally in Louisville and the second to the
Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, President Trump did something no other President has done
in over a century—he called for a return to the American System of Economics by name. In Louisville, Kentucky,
before thousands of people, he stated:
“Abraham Lincoln was born right here in Kentucky. The legendary pioneer Daniel Boone helped
settle the Kentucky frontier, and the great 19th century American statesman Henry Clay represented
Kentucky in the United States Congress. Like Henry
Clay, we want to put our own people to work... Clay
said very strongly, free trade, which would throw
wide open our ports to foreign production without
duties while theirs remain closed to us—that was
his [Clay’s] quote—Clay said trade must be fair,
equal and reciprocal. I am talking about reciprocal
trade. And explaining his American System, Clay
argued that the sole object to the tariff is to tax the produce of foreign industry with the view of promoting
American industry. For too long our government has abandoned the American System.”
And in Washington DC, the following day, before a gathering of donors, he again invoked the American System:
“I called it the American model. And this is the system our Founders wanted. Our greatest American
leaders—including George Washington, Hamilton,
Jackson, Lincoln—they all agreed that for America
to be a strong nation it must also be a great manufacturing nation... The Republican platform of 1896—
more than a century ago—stated that ‘Protection and
reciprocity are twin measures of American policy and
go hand in hand.... We renew and emphasize our allegiance to the policy of protection, as the bulwark of American industrial independence and the foundation of
American development and prosperity...’
“Our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, ran his first campaign for public office in 1832—when he was
only 23 years old. He began by imagining the benefits a railroad could bring to his part of Illinois—without ever
having seen a steam-powered train. He had no idea, and yet he knew what it could be. Thirty years later, as President, Lincoln signed the law that built the first Transcontinental Railroad, uniting our country from ocean to ocean...
“Another great Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, had a vision of a national infrastructure plan... Now
is time for a new Republican administration, working with our Republican Congress, to pass the next great infrastructure bill. Our party must dream as big and as bold as Lincoln and Eisenhower...
“Imagine the breakthroughs that will breathe fresh life into forgotten places. Picture the new roads that will carve
pathways all across our land—and we need them. And think of the new inventions that will lift up the sights of our
nation... If we stand for these things—safety, prosperity and peace—then there is no limit to what we can achieve.”
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
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