Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him - Page 22

To stop the coup, the President’s team and his supporters
must stop reacting defensively.
He must act on the aspects of
his program—Glass-Steagall,
large scale infrastructure development funded by national
banking mechanism devoted
to that purpose, space exploration, fusion power development, and joining the “One
Belt, One Road” program with
China—that can actually save
the economy and produce
high paying jobs. At the same
time, they should look at the
actual crimes involved in the
coup which are already on
the public record, investigate
them—including in the Congress—and prosecute them.
With respect to Mueller, they
should investigate his obstruction of the investigation into
the crimes committed on 9/11,
together with a full public unScreenshot, CNN
veiling of the Saudi and British
Christopher Steele, the British spy who compiled the fabricated salacious dossier, instigating the coup
role in international terroragainst Trump on behalf of the highest levels of the Queen’s Secret Services.
ism. In aid of such an effort we
present seven crimes implicated in the events in the coup against the President to date.
The obvious should be stated here. If the British were developing dossiers on Trump and his associates as early as
2015, Trump and his associates were under surveillance as
Seven Actual Crimes
of that date or sooner by British GCHQ and/or the NSA. We
The seven crimes outlined below make clear that a Special
know that Paul Manafort was considered practically an enCounsel, not Robert Swan Mueller III, should be investigating
emy combatant in Anglo-American swamp circles by 2014,
an attempted coup, which began in 2014. The subject of the
because of his Ukraine work with Yanukovych and the Party
investigation is that a foreign power—not the Russians, but the
of the Regions. He apparently chose the wrong side by fightBritish—has been instigating an insurrection in the United States.
ing against a Nazi coup. The same was true even of DemoIn the British account of the 2016 American election, largely
cratic consultants such as Tony Podesta, who worked with
published in pieces in the Guardian, they began warning their
Manafort on Ukraine and were subject to the same reported
American counterparts about the dangers of Donald Trump’s
2014 FISA surveillance warrant. What was the FBI affidavit
accommodating views toward Putin and Russia in 2015.
which justified the 2014 Manafort, Podesta FISA court surThese warnings were followed by the specific claim that the
veillance warrant, and what was the British role in obtaining
Democratic National Committee’s servers had been hacked
it? What role did the British play, including GCHQ and MI6,
by the Russians as of July of 2015. According to the British
in the Manafort counterintelligence investigation? What
account, their American counterparts were slow to respond,
were the British “concerns” about Trump communicated to
although the FBI says it notified the DNC, which did nothing
U.S. intelligence as early as 2015? What was the specific Britabout the alleged Russian hack until June of 2016.
ish warning about hacks of the DNC computer in July 2015?
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Special Investigative Report


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