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By December 2015, according to James Clapper’s dodgy
January 2017 report on alleged Russian meddling in the
election, hundreds of paid Russian trolls associated with the
St. Petersburg, Russia, Internet Research Agency had begun
to advocate for Trump’s election. At the same time, Michael
Flynn attended a dinner at RT in Russia, sitting across the
table from Putin. Flynn had already driven Obama crazy by
proposing a determined U.S.-Russian collaboration in the
war on terror, and going after the Administration’s policy
aimed at dismembering Syria. Obama had fired him. Is this
the date when surveillance on Flynn actually began, or did it
begin sooner? What was the British role in this surveillance?
Carter Page has also been a subject in Mueller’s Russiagate
hysteria. He apparently walked in to volunteer for the Trump
campaign without any prior association with candidate
Trump, and was disavowed by the campaign soon after. He
went to school in London, had a variety of business dealings
in Russia, and had volunteered for the Trump campaign as
a foreign policy advisor by simply walking in the door. Page
had already functioned as an FBI informant in a major 2013
New York City FBI case against Russian organized crime figures, and stated on CNN that he briefed both the CIA and FBI
regularly on these business dealings in Russia. Was he used
as a front to get a FISA warrant directed at the Trump campaign? Was he a spy sent by the FBI both to Russia and into
the Trump campaign?
The targeting of the alleged activities of the St. Petersburg
Internet Research Agency (IRA) in DNI Clapper’s January
report, again points to the heavy British hand in the coup
against the President. According to French journalist Thierry
Meyssan, in September 2014, the British government created
the 77th Brigade, a unit tasked with countering foreign propaganda, which worked with the U.S. military in Europe to
interfere with websites considered to be distributing Russian
propaganda. This project ultimately morphed into NATO’s
Strategic Communications Service, tasked with suppressing any news or person favorable to the Russian position
concerning strategic topics, but particularly Ukraine. From
its inception, the NATO Strategic Communications Service
incorporated a service of the Atlantic Council, the Digital
Forensics Service. CrowdStrike’s Dimitri Alperovitch—the
person with sole access to the DNC’s allegedly “hacked” computers, whose forensic analysis was adopted wholesale by
James Comey’s FBI and the U.S. intelligence community—is
a senior fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Service. News about Russian trolls operating out of the IRA and
poisoning the Western mind filled the British press in 2015.
In line with this NATO project is the Information Warfare
Initiative in the U.S., centered at the Washington Center for
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
World Economic Forum/Benedict von Loefell
Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder and chief technology officer of
CrowdStrike and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.
European Policy Analysis and founded by Washington Post
neo-con Anne Applebaum. It is a pseudopod of the National Endowment for Democracy and the U.S. intelligence
community, and has concentrated its attacks on the Russian
broadcasters RT and Sputnik.2
What exactly was the relationship of the New York Times,
the Washington Post, CNN, and the other black propagandists operating against the President, together with their reporters, with the NED, the Information Warfare Initiative,
NATO’s Strategic Communications Service, and The Institute
for Modern Russia in New York City, or other British or U.S.
intelligence agencies during the Obama Administration and
subsequently? Like the John Train meetings targetting LaRouche, the media attacks on the President are not organic.
They are organized, and on a much larger scale than anything
ever experienced in this country. What is the relationship of
2. Russian trolls and IRA became a hot topic in Washington for the
first time as a result of Clapper’s reference to them in his January 2017
Assessment of Russian meddling, and a nationally embarrassing Senate
Select Committee on Intelligence hearing in March 2017. There, full
grown U.S. Senators listened in seemingly amazed wonder and without
any challenge, as Thomas Rid, of King’s College London and NATO,
Roy Godson, and other British schooled intelligence experts wove a
fantastic fairy tale. They told the Senators that thousands of paid Russian trolls using sophisticated bots had infiltrated the American mind
with Russian generated conspiracy theories and swung the election to
Donald Trump. Godson repeatedly had to correct himself, substituting the current “Russia” for his repeated references to the Soviet Union.
According to the same dubious sources, a second evil front opened by
the crafty Russians consisted of purchase of Facebook ads meant to sow
discord throughout our land.
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