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various Washington D.C. lobby shops, such as Orion Strategies, long associated with Senator John McCain, to the organized media campaign against Donald Trump? Have our
intelligence agencies actually instigated an Active Measures
counterintelligence program illegally and against a sitting
President? What is the overlap of offices, personnel, and entities assigned by Obama to Russian, Chinese, and Eurasian intelligence functions, including the coup activities in Ukraine, with
the illegal leaks of classified information to the news media?
The Cardinal Events of June-July 2016
1. T
he Conspiracy Against the
President Takes Off
Times, the Washington Post, the New Yorker, Yahoo News, and
CNN about Christopher Steele’s reports on Trump and Russia in September 2016, and participated in further briefings
with the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Yahoo
News in October 2016. In late October, Steele briefed a reporter from Mother Jones by Skype. Senator John McCain and
David Kramer, who was McCain’s agent, were briefed on the
pre-election Steele memoranda in December of 2016. Sixteen
memoranda smearing Trump, based on paid and anonymous
Russian sources, were produced prior to the election. It is
clear that the FBI was also a recipient of all of these memoranda dating back to June of 2016, if not earlier.
Steele and Orbis claim that the seventeenth memo, produced in December 2016, which referenced the salacious
and disgusting claim that Trump engaged in perverse sexual
activities at a Russian hotel, was solely produced to one David Kramer as a representative of John McCain, Senator John
McCain himself, and a representative of the British security
services. The December memo was the product of a collaboration between Steele, Sir Andrew Wood, Kramer, and a representative of the British security services, which began on
November 18, 2016, that is, almost immediately following
Trump’s election as President. It has been widely reported that
James Comey’s FBI was also offering Steele and Orbis $50,000
or more at this point to corroborate aspects of the dodgy dossier smearing the President-elect.
David Kramer, the former President of the CIA and NED
quango, Freedom House, was a fellow of the neo-conservative
Project for a New American Century, held State Department
positions dedicated to Project Democracy and soft power coups
Sometime in June, 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign took
over an opposition research project on Donald Trump which
had previously been funded by Trump’s Republican opponents. The contract was with a D.C. firm called Fusion GPS,
which, in turn, employed a British firm, Orbis, and Orbis’
founder Christopher Steele. Steele ran the Russia desk for
MI6 until 2009; Sir Andrew Wood, an “associate” at Steele’s
company, was the British Ambassador to Moscow between
1995 and 2000, a “Russia” adviser to Tony Blair, and is an associate fellow of the Russia and Eurasia program at the Royal
Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House. Christopher Burrows, Steele’s partner in Orbis, lists himself as a longtime high-ranking British foreign service officer, although
news accounts also place him in British intelligence.
Christopher Steele has also acknowledged a longstanding relationship to the
FBI, centered in the FBI’s Eurasian Organized Crime Strike Force in New York
City, which media reports date to 2010,
the same time the relationship to Fusion
GPS went into effect. Andrew McCabe,
the ethically challenged FBI Assistant Director now being investigated for Hatch
Act and other violations concerning the
Clinton sponsorship of his wife’s campaign against Virginia Senator Richard
Black, led the Eurasian task force early in
his career, and has maintained contacts
ever since. Many believe that McCabe Christopher Burrows (above), Christopher
Steele’s partner in Orbis, is a high-ranking
was Steele’s FBI handler and contact.
In court filings in a London libel suit British foreign service officer. FBI Assistant
Director Andrew McCabe (right) is believed
against them, Steele and Orbis state that to be Steele’s handler.
they briefed reporters from the New York
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