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Jason Ross conducted an interview of former CIA Officer Ray McGovern titled “Russian Hack an Inside Job?” in which he discussed the report
issued by the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) on July 24, 2017 demonstrating that the alleged Russian hack of the DNC
was not a hack at all, but in fact was a leak. The interview can be viewed in full here:
in Russia and the former East Bloc, and presently serves as Senior Director for Human Rights and Human Freedoms at Senator McCain’s Institute for International Leadership in Arizona.
Hillary Clinton used the Steele Dossier to paint Trump as
a Russian dupe throughout her general election campaign
against him. James Comey used it to justify his FBI counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign which began in July
of 2016, and has continued.
Thus, we have the British government and, in all probability, NATO, intervening in an election in the United States
to sway the result. Most certainly this raises questions about
the applicability of election laws which bar foreign funding
for exactly the reason that United States elections should be
decided by United States citizens. Most certainly, once this
sequence of events is fully investigated, it will become clear
that all government participants intended to sway the election
unlawfully, using the powers of a state to vanquish the will of
the voters.
2. T
he Russian Hack That Wasn’t—
False Reporting of a Crime
On June 12, 2016, WikiLeaks announced that it was in possession of emails damaging to Hillary Clinton, and would
soon be publishing them. June 14, 2016 marks the announcement by the Democratic National Committee that its computBob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
ers had been hacked by the Russians, the subject apparently of
the initial Christopher Steele memorandum prepared for the
Clinton campaign. The purloined DNC emails showed, definitively, that the DNC, which should have been neutral in the
primaries, was trying to destroy the rising campaign of Bernie
Sanders. The emails were published by WikiLeaks on the eve
of the Democratic National Convention. The claim that the
WikiLeaks emails were the result of a Russian hack of DNC
servers was authored by Dmitri Alperovitch of the security
firm, Crowd Strike. Alperovitch, a Russian-American who
demonizes Putin, is, as previously referenced, a fellow at the
Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Project, deeply involved
in NATO’s Strategic Communications Service.
The FBI’s James Comey accepted Alperovitch’s forensic analysis without ever accessing the DNC computers in question. It is
probable that Comey was already operating on the basis of the
British Christopher Steele memorandum asserting that the Russians were responsible for the DNC hack.
On July 24, 2017, the Veterans Intelligence Professionals
for Sanity released a Memo to the President demonstrating that there was no Russian hack of the DNC. Rather, the
WikiLeaks document trove was produced by a leak from inside the DNC, not a hack. According to this memorandum,
the leaked treasure trove from the DNC was altered in a “cut
and paste” job to make it look like it was the product of a
very crude Russian hack. The VIPS are veterans of U.S. inPage 25


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