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States citizen and vice-president at one of the Agalarov’s
companies; Ron Goldstone; and the translator for Natalia
Veselnitskaya, Anatoli Samochornov. Samochornov is also an
American citizen who worked with Veselnitskaya frequently,
since she does not speak English. He has also worked extensively for the FBI and the U.S. State Department. Although
Akhmetshin has been linked to Russian counterintelligence
repeatedly in the news media, that all appears to be based on
his bragging about his two-year stint in the Russian military
as a young man. The topic addressed by Veselnitskaya was the
Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russia, which resulted from
a campaign conducted by violently anti-Putin British operative William Browder, allied with Senator John McCain and
the D.C. public relations firm Ashcroft and Glover.
Any sound investigation about this meeting would focus on
who, out of the small army of intelligence operatives watching this meeting, designed and implemented the clear entrapment attempt against Donald Trump, Jr. for later use. Since it
was surveilled and recorded by multiple intelligence agencies
tripping all over one another at the time (you get the image
of Keystone cops), why was it only surfaced as the “smoking
gun” recently?
Natalia Veselnitskaya had been paroled into the United
States to serve as the Russian lawyer in a legal case in the
Southern District of New York based solely on money-laundering allegations made by Bill Browder against her Russian
clients. At the time of the Trump Tower meeting, however,
Veselnitskaya was traveling on a business visa issued by the
U.S. Department of State after having been previously denied such a visa, and after efforts by the U.S. Attorney for the
Southern District of New York to prevent any free travel by
her in the U.S. at all. Immigration attorneys I have spoken to
describe this situation as extremely strange.
4. Obama’s Final Days In Office—
Insurrection Against the PresidentElect, Felonious Leaks
In an apparent effort to influence the Electoral College vote
following the election, the Obama Administration leaked a
preliminary intelligence community “assessment” that the
Russians had hacked the Democrats’ computers and otherwise intervened to swing the election to Donald Trump.
According to the New York Times of March 1, 2017, Obama
and his national security colleagues additionally spent the
months after the election and prior to President Trump’s inauguration dropping a trail of “leads” in official documents
and leaking information, in the effort to delegitimize Trump
and to continue their policies against Russia and China.
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William Browder, who renounced his American citizenship to become
a British citizen, functions at the highest levels of British intelligence.
He fabricated the first “sanctions” of the new Cold War with Senator
John McCain, and is central to British plans to overthrow Putin.
Certainly, there is a document trail on this process which
appears to be confined to a period of a little over two months.
Evelyn Farkas, formerly of the Defense Department’s Russia,
Ukraine, Eurasia Desk and the Atlantic Council, virtually admitted to MSNBC in March that she had participated in this
process. This is where the illegal unmasking of names resulting from FISA and E.O. 12333 surveillance occurred, when
these crimes were committed. Samantha Power, the U.N. Ambassador, was reportedly involved in 260 unmasking requests
bearing little relationship to her function. Other targets of the
House Intelligence Committee concerning illegal unmasking
and leaks include Susan Rice, John Brennan, and Ben Rhodes.
On December 15, 2016, DNI James Clapper signed new
procedures allowing the NSA to distribute raw intercept data
throughout the entire intelligence community. These procedures became official on January 3, 2017 when Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on them.
At issue is modification of secret procedures under E.O.
12333, deemed by Edward Snowden and others as the
most significant authority for our present, completely unconstitutional surveillance state. Previously, the NSA was
required to filter and redact information regarding U.S.
citizens monitored in foreign counterintelligence activities.
DNI Clapper had also implemented a cloud intelligence
data platform accessible by all intelligence agencies, and
obliterating many paper and digital access trails and safeguards. Were these new procedures implemented in any
way based on a desire to facilitate leaks and obscure their
origin to future investigators?
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