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stories, published the December 2016
British/Clinton dodgy dossier in full. The
U.S. intelligence community, particularly
Obama’s ghoulish grand inquisitor, CIA
head John Brennan, proceeded to give it
credibility by leaking that both Presidentelect Trump and President Obama had
been briefed on its contents.
Publication of the Trump Russian sex
allegations accompanied James Clapper’s
factless “official intelligence community
assessment” that the Russians hacked the
DNC and Podesta, and that they did so to
influence the election in favor of Donald
Trump. Put together by analysts “handWhite House
picked” by the CIA’s John Brennan, that
Former FBI director James Comey (left), and prosecutor Robert Mueller (right).
assessment was backed by no actual evidence. It has now been thoroughly debunked
that wasn’t” by the analysis presented by
The January Blackmail/Extortion
the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. John BrenAttempt
nan subsequently explained to Congress and the public that
On Jan. 6, 2017, according to James Comey’s June 8th
he does not “do evidence.”
Congressional testimony, the intelligence chiefs went to
The Democrats, the news media, and their Republican allies
Trump Tower to present the Obama Administration’s reled by John McCain and Lindsay Graham, went berserk over
port on Russian hacking, hoping to convince the skeptical
the factless Obama Administration “assessment,” demanding
President-elect to abandon his campaign promise for better
special prosecutors and Congressional investigations, and
relations with Putin and Russia. Following that briefing, in
sneering that “other shoes” were about to drop. The New York
a pre-arranged move with the rest of Obama’s intelligence
Times’ Thomas Friedman, having clearly lost it, claimed that
directors, Comey cleared the room of everyone but himself
Russia had committed an “act of war,” presumably seeking to
and Trump. He presented Trump with the Steele dossier’s
invoke Article 5 of the NATO treaty.
most salacious allegations, namely that Trump had engaged
in sexually perverse acts with Russian prostitutes while visThe President Calls Out Comey,
iting Moscow, and Putin had taped it. This is exactly what
Brennan, et al. for Wiretapping Him:
the infamous J. Edgar Hoover did—blackmail Washington
They Lie About It To Congress
politicians with FBI dossiers, assuring them that he could
protect them so long as they did as Hoover wished. In fact,
On March 4, 2017, after General Flynn was fired, and afComey described this as a “J. Edgar Hoover moment” in anter a deluge of leaks of classified surveillance of members
swers to questions by Senator Susan Collins on June 8. Dick
of Trump’s transition and national defense teams, PresiMorris describes the entire affair as “just about as close as
dent Trump interrupted the entire fake media narrative by
you can get to a political assassination without holding a
tweeting what had become obvious: that Obama had him
gun to the President’s head.”
“wiretapped” in Trump Tower prior to the election, and
Trump appears to have demanded that the entirely fake
that what was happening to him reeked of McCarthyism.
dossier be investigated, and refused to back down in efforts to
The media, which had been publishing allegations about
achieve better relations with Russia. In fact, Trump denounced
FISA warrants and intercepts of Trump or his associates for
the intelligence community publicly as acting like Nazis. He
months, erupted in what has to be one the most shameless
also denounced the McCarthyite hysteria they were generatdemonstrations of the Big Lie ever known. They declared
ing. While Comey recorded the President-elect’s responses on
that Trump was offering wild claims with no evidence, esa classified computer moments after leaving him, BuzzFeed,
sentially circling back on their very own reporting and lawhich had frequently published raw Clinton/Obama “oppo”
beling it “fake news.”
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
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