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were and are many other players in these Kabuki dances—
compromised and terrorized politicians and judges, and an
intelligence community which functions as the gendarme
of our Orwellian police state—the blunt instrument chosen
for the hit was Robert Mueller. Along the way, between the
two assignments, Robert Mueller played a hugely significant role in covering up the Saudi/British role in the murders of almost 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001, and
the wholesale destruction of the United States Constitution
which followed in its wake—a role which, if thoroughly
examined, constitutes obstruction of justice, among other
This dossier will walk you through Mueller’s career based
on what is readily and publicly available. It is a trail of prosecutorial misconduct, including what former Senator Bob
Graham calls “aggressive deception” of the U.S. Congress and
the public concerning the events of September 11, 2001, and
includes a major role in the creation of the post-9/11 surveillance state which has eviscerated and destroyed the Fourth
Amendment and the rest of our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
Those who work inside our modern Leviathan can surely
point to other malfeasance, and we invite you pile on—please,
expose it. You owe no less to your oath to the Constitution of
the United States.
The Frame-up of LaRouche
The LaRouche Case—An Attempted
Murder and then a Legal One
On Aug. 27, 1982, a Top Secret letter was sent from the British government to the FBI. That letter itself remains classified
to this day, but it is clear from the FBI’s response to it, from
its unclassified attachments, and from subsequent actions,
what the British were demanding. On Sept. 24, 1982, under
the subject-heading “Re: Lyndon LaRouche and the Executive Intelligence Review,” FBI counterintelligence chief James
Nolan responded to the British demands as follows:
We would like to reiterate our conclusion that, while
many of the harassment activities of the NCLC and
the themes promoted by NCLC publications, such
as EIR, are often propitious to Soviet disinformation
and propaganda interests, there is no direct evidence
that the Soviets are directing or funding LaRouche
or his organization. It is entirely plausible, however,
that the Soviets have developed or may be developing
sources within the NCLC who are in a position to interject Soviet-inspired views into NCLC activities and
publications. It is likely that the Soviets will attempt
to capitalize on or exploit NCLC sentiments that are
parallel to or promote Soviet foreign policy objectives.
At the same time, the Soviets will probably have to
balance the advantages of exploiting the NCLC with
the dangers of being associated with a bizarre and
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
often unpredictable organization. For your information, under the domestic security guidelines set forth
by the Attorney General, the FBI does not have an active investigation of Lyndon LaRouche or the NCLC.
As we shall see, this is the same British smear, in the same
British speculative language, used to paint Donald Trump
with the “Russian dupe” brush. That allegation, of LaRouche
activity on behalf of a foreign power, the Russians, unleashed a
full spectrum of intelligence agency weapons, freed from Constitutional constraints by the Reagan Administration’s Executive Order 12333 and subsequent renditions governing classified counterintelligence activities, particularly the subsequent
versions of E.O. 12333 put into place after September 11, 2001.
Below, we document some of what LaRouche was doing to
provoke the British call for his head in 1982. His activities included back-channel negotiations with the Russians concerning the Strategic Defense Initiative on behalf of the CIA and
National Security Council. He met with Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Mexico’s President José López Portillo
seeking a completely new monetary system, not controlled by
the City of London, Wall Street and allied institutions, which
would finance high technology development, completely
transforming North-South relations. President López Portillo
implemented LaRouche’s proposals during the Mexican debt
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