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like Adam Schiff,5 trying
on McCarthyite tinfoil
hats before TV cameras
and pontificating about
the outrage du jour.
Comey, in testimony
before the House Select
Committee on Intelligence, made it officially
public, for the first time,
that the FBI had been
investigating collusion
between the Trump
campaign and Russian
interference in the election since July of 2016.
He opined that the FBI
Senate Intelligence Committee
Left to right: former FBI director James Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and counterintelligence inJohn Brennan, former head of the CIA.
vestigation (which had
been leaking like a sieve
Now it has been revealed that FISA warrants existed on
since its instigation in July, without producing any verifiPaul Manafort from 2014 through some period in 2016, and
able facts about either Russian interference or Trump camfrom some period in 2016 through this year, conveniently
paign collusion) could continue for many more months, if
omitting the period when he was Trump’s campaign mannot years. He refused to say whether the President himself
ager. Manafort lives in Trump Tower, and was originally inwas under investigation, despite the fact that he had told
vestigated under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for his
the President that he was not, and had told Congress the
Ukraine activities. It is fairly obvious that the June 2016 meetsame thing behind closed doors.
ing at Trump Tower was the subject of massive surveillance.
Despite the daily press instructions about events which the
It is also abundantly clear from the leaks which occurred
public must view as scandalous (why scandalous was never
concerning contacts with the Russians by Trump’s campaign
explained), and highly publicized Congressional hearings
officials and supporters, that the Trump Tower offices of his
concerning “Russia! Russia! Russia!” all of President Obama’s
transition were subject to massive surveillance, either as the
men, at this late date, had only managed to arrange the huresult of extant FISA warrants or under E.O. 12333.
man sacrifice of Michael Flynn for lying to the Vice-President
James Comey and James Clapper were both asked directly in
about his conversations with the Russian ambassador in Detheir appearances before Congressional Committees whether
cember.6 They had also generated ethics, foreign intelligence
there was any evidence at all to substantiate the President’s
registration, and tax questions about their other Trump camwiretapping claims. Both of them gave emphatic answers that
there was not, and went out of their respective ways to paint
5. Schiff has a watermelon face combining features of the comic Charlie
the President as a paranoid wacko.
Brown and a Conehead; his personality is like the grasping and crazy
So now, Robert Mueller is investigating the President of the
personality of Peanuts cartoon character Lucy Van Pelt. As a prosecutor
it took him three tries to convict the hapless former FBI agent Richard
United States for obstruction of justice, because he fired an
Miller of espionage despite overwhelming and salacious evidence.
FBI Director who lied to Congress. Really?
7. The Comey Firing — Attempted
Entrapment of the President
On March 20, 2017, former FBI Director Comey breathed
new life into what was, by then, an insurrection which had
run out of steam. People were simply tired of Democrats,
Page 30
6. Flynn’s scalping was itself the result of the unmasking of Flynn’s name
and illegal leaks of same to the press as a result of classified surveillance.
This fact was obliterated by sensational press coverage of the hyperventilated visit of Obama Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates to the White
House to warn, nonsensically, that Flynn had been “compromised” by
the Russians because he lied to the Vice-President. Exactly how this
makes any sense at all we have not been told. Shakespeare’s Macbeth
intoned, “it is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying
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