Robert Mueller Is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job If You Let Him - Page 31

paign targets—typical of what happens when an entire life is
massive infrastructure and space exploration projects which
put under a microscope, in a dedicated search for something,
will actually save our economy.
anything, that could be construed feasibly as wrongdoing.
On May 3, 2017, Comey followed his March drama-queen
Ask yourself, what have any of these people allegedly done?
performance before the House, with even more theatrical
Spoken with the Russians? Talked about lifting sanctions imspeechifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He bloposed because Putin reacted to a coup Obama ran against the
viated that despite the fact that his unprecedented disclosures
duly elected government of Ukraine? Lobbied on behalf of
and handling of the Clinton email investigation may have imforeign governments? Really?
pacted the election, and it made him nauseous, he, Mr. Eagle
The actual testimony of Obama’s intelligence officials beScout and True Crime Detective rolled into one, would do
fore Congressional Committees, shorn of the media hype
the same thing all over again. He exaggerated the significance
surrounding it, was that there was absolutely no evidence of
of the Anthony Weiner computer discovery by stating that it
any Trump campaign collusion with alleged Russian efforts
contained thousands of new Clinton emails, not previously
to interfere in the U.S. elections. In fact, on March 15, 2017,
produced, some of which were classified—a statement the
Comey himself had told Senators Chuck Grassley and Diane
FBI had to subsequently correct. As Assistant Attorney GenFeinstein behind closed doors, that the President was not a
eral Rod Rosenstein rightly argued, Comey violated numertarget of his investigations, despite planted press stories to
ous Justice Department regulations and ethical norms in his
the contrary. Comey had otherwise continually stone-walled
outrageous actions in the Clinton email investigation. It is the
Grassley concerning the Senator’s persistent questions about
job of the Attorney General to prosecute cases—to open and
the FBI’s relationship to British operative Christopher Steele.
close them—not that of the FBI.
While unable to produce
any saleable legal goods, the
illicit investigations had significantly bogged down the
President’s political agenda,
while fostering an increasingly
toxic and divisive national political environment. The strategy of official Washington,
the Republicans who opposed
the President’s election, the
Obama/Clinton Democratic
establishment, and the intelligence agencies operating on
behalf of British strategic policies and axioms is clear—use
complicit Republicans to trap
the President in failed and
obnoxious policies, such as
the healthcare bill; hope that
the President’s silent majority
remains exactly that—silent;
hope that some of the smelly
stuff they are throwing up
against the wall actually sticks;
Screenshot, CNN
distract, distract, distract the Paul Manafort has been targeted by U.S. and British intelligence ever since he worked on what the EuPresident, and prevent him ropean Union called the free and fair election of Victor Yanukovich by the Ukrainian people. The U.S.
from working with Russia and spent $5 billion to overthrow Yanukovich in a coup led by neo-Nazis. Hillary Clinton’s campaign worked
China to develop the world, with Ukrainian and Estonian intelligence to develop “dirt” on Manafort. Now Mueller says he will indict
Manafort, using a “shock and awe” pre-dawn, no-knock raid on his house to deliver that message.
end wars, and implement the
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
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