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crisis in 1982, sending the Anglo-Americans into
rug-chewing fits.
This British demand to the FBI immediately
followed a letter, on Aug. 19, 1982, from Henry
Kissinger to FBI Director William Webster,
demanding that LaRouche be investigated for
“harassing” Kissinger. This is the same Henry
Kissinger who, in a speech at the Royal Institute for International Affairs on May 10, 1982,
had openly declared himself to be a British
agent of influence. While endorsing Churchill’s
“rigid” anti-Soviet policies and British colonialism over “naïve” American idealists, Kissinger
remarked on his service to the British while in
the U.S. government:
The British were so matter of factly helpful
that they became a participant in internal
American deliberations, to a degree never before practiced between sovereign nations. In
my period in office, the British played a seminal role in certain American bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union. Indeed, they
helped draft the key document. In my White
House incarnation then [as National Security
Adviser] I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I
did the American State Department.
What Kissinger called “harassment” by La- A memo dated September 24, 1982 by FBI counterintelligence chief James Nolan
Rouche, was wide-spread exposure of the British- titled “Re: Lyndon LaRouche and the Executive Intelligence Review,” responding to
agent aspect of his curriculum vitae, among other a top secret letter sent from the British government to the FBI.
issues. These include Kissinger’s 1974 “NSSM
200” document calling for drastic population reduction in the Third World by any means necessary in order
demand was going to be implemented.
to conserve raw materials for colonialist looting, threats to
In April of 1983 and thereafter, New York investment bankItaly’s Prime Minister Aldo Moro shortly before his kidnaper John Train convened a series of salons attended by nomiping and murder, similar contentions by the Bhutto family of
nally private organizations, prominent journalists living off
Pakistan concerning the murder of former President Zulfikar
intelligence community leaks, and government intelligence
Ali Bhutto, and numerous documented war crimes.1
operatives, to plan and implement a defamatory campaign
On Jan. 12, 1983, the President’s Foreign Intelligence Adagainst Lyndon LaRouche. The avowed aim of the meetings
visory Board, comprising David Abshire, Leo Cherne, and
was to create the popular conditions for criminal prosecution.
Edward Bennett Williams, demanded that an FBI investigaIn 1982, the Anglophilic CIA Director, William Casey,
tion, under Executive Order 12333 be opened on LaRouche,
had tasked CIA psychological warfare and propaganda
based on “harassment” of Henry Kissinger and possible forexpert Walter Raymond to oversee a program of psychoeign funding, under the guidelines or otherwise. The British
logical warfare and “perception management” by the Reagan Administration, a program largely overseen by VicePresident George H.W. Bush. Under provisions of the new
1. Dr. Kissinger has recently appeared to play a useful role in arguing
against war with Russia and China, against the mad Neo-Conservatives.
executive order governing intelligence and counterintelliPage 4
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