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David Abshire
gence operations, E.O. 12333, Psy-Ops
and propaganda operations, formerly
conducted on foreign targets by the
CIA, were to be farmed out to private
entities under such rubrics as Project
Democracy, the National Endowment
for Democracy, Freedom House, the
League for Industrial Democracy, and
similarly designated entities. Psy-Ops
and “perception management” were
also to be targetted domestically in
counterintelligence operations. To
start such counterintelligence operations, a credible allegation had to be
presented that a domestic target was
operating on behalf of a foreign power, like the Russians.
John Train’s investment company
partner, Thomas J. Devine, a former
CIA employee, had partnered with
George H.W. Bush in the Zapata Oil
company, during Bush’s time as an oil
man in Texas. Many believe that Zapata
was a CIA proprietary. Train himself
was the former editor of the Congress
of Cultural Freedom’s Paris Review,
and was engaged, at the time of his LaRouche salons, in running black propaganda operations for the CIA against
the Russians during the war in Afghanistan. Train’s work in Afghanistan was
coordinated with Walter Raymond.
Court testimony in the LaRouche casBob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
Leo Cherne
William Casey
John Train
Library of Congress
Edward Bennett Williams
es and follow-up investigations revealed
that the Train salons were attended by
Roy Godson, a long-time British intelligence-connected operative deployed
under the CIA’s Jay Lovestone and James
Jesus Angleton, and, at that time, a consultant to PFIAB and the National Security Council; by John Rees, an FBI
functionary; Mira Lansky Boland of the
Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’rith
(ADL); representatives of Freedom
House, long a CIA proprietary associated with PFIAB’s Leo Cherne; financier Richard Mellon Scaife; Pat Lynch
of NBC; reporters for Reader’s Digest,
Business Week, the Wall Street Journal,
and the New Republic; “investigative reporter” Dennis King, who was employed
by the League for Industrial Democracy;
Chip Berlet; neo-conservative colleagues
of Train; and others described by participants as “gentlemen with government
connections.” The representative from
Freedom House provided the briefings
on LaRouche to those assembled.
Train’s salons resulted in a barrage of
articles portraying LaRouche as violent,
a racist, megalomaniacal, an authoritarian anti-Semitic extremist—calculated
and horrific, poisonous lies designed
to nullify any positive response to LaRouche’s actual ideas. These ID-format
lies are deliberately designed to create
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