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“cognitive dissonance,” as it is known in the Psy-Op trade.
President Trump has been consistently portrayed with similar Psy-Op ID-format defamations.
Defamatory broadcasts and articles by the Train meeting
participants were concocted, and entirely fake versions of
LaRouche’s ideas and work were spewed to the public. NBC
News, for example, presented a completely fake picture of
the groundbreaking exposé of the drug trade contained in
the book Dope, Inc., published by LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), which had become a bible for DEA
agents in the War on Drugs. Dope, Inc. proved that the British were actively promoting drug legalization for population pacification purposes, as they had done historically in
the opium wars against China, and that British financial
institutions, including banks and funds directly associated
with the Royals, were dependent upon and subsisting on
drug money-laundering proceeds. The book’s contentions
have been ratified repeatedly over the years in such cases
as that of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). NBC repeatedly broadcast, however, that
LaRouche’s War on Drugs consisted of the claim that the
Queen herself was out on the street corner peddling dime
bags of heroin.
Even more astoundingly, NBC’s Patricia Lynch claimed
in a prominent NBC news feature, that LaRouche had ordered the assassination of President Jimmy Carter by remote controlled bomb. She admitted that she relied for
this preposterous claim on a notorious FBI informant
and other “non-public” information provided to her by
former CIA counterintelligence chief, James J. Angleton,
other CIA sources, and sources in the FBI. In March of
1986, a collaboration between Irwin Suall from the ADL
and the East German Stasi, produced the sensational and
completely fabricated claim that LaRouche had played a
role in the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf
Palme. Richard Mellon Scaife and the CIA’s Smith-Richardson Foundation funded a book-length defamatory
dossier by Dennis King as a result of the Train meetings,
which became the central resource for a relentless antiLaRouche hate campaign.
Do such wild, salacious assertions remind you, in any
way, of the deliberately gross and fake dossier on President
Trump, prepared by the highest levels of British intelligence
for circulation to the American public? You know, the socalled “Pee Dossier” by MI6 agent Christopher Steele, that
claims that the President cavorted with Russian prostitutes
on a bed slept in by the Obamas?
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What Did LaRouche Do?
The attachments to the British demand letter to the FBI include a published statement by LaRouche demanding that the
Monroe Doctrine be enforced in support of Argentina with
respect to the British-instigated Malvinas War. In the document, LaRouche contrasts British imperial looting policies
with the “American system” as defined by Lincoln’s economist Henry C. Carey. Addressing those in Congress siding
with Britain against Argentina during the Malvinas crisis,
LaRouche said:
How shaken are these representatives at Britain’s
plight, the same representatives who have sat by and
let U.S. industrial power be destroyed by British system economics, watched millions of Third World
children starve for lack of technology exports, and
raved about the fascist oppressions of the only energy
source, nuclear power, that could turn the situation
around! . . . The imposition of the Monroe Doctrine
Two attachments included in the September 24, 1982 FBI memo to the
British on the activities of Lyndon LaRouche are his demand that the
Monroe Doctrine be invoked against the British in the Malvinas War, and
a flier for a forum exposing the British role in the Muslim Brotherhood.
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