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cussions with Soviet representatives on
what became President Reagan’s Strategic
Defense Initiative (SDI). Beginning as
early as 1978, LaRouche had been calling
for U.S.-Soviet collaboration in developing beam-weapon defenses to incoming
thermonuclear missiles, replacing the
insane Anglo-American doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction with one of
Mutually Assured Survival. At the same
time as he met secretly with Soviet representatives, LaRouche and his associates campaigned publicly for the concept.
President Reagan announced adoption of
the SDI in a surprise televised address on
March 23, 1983.
In April of 1982, Lyndon and Helga
LaRouche associate Paul Gallagher, executive director of the Fusion Energy Foundation (FEF),
appearing on CBS evening news on March 24, 1983 to explain the science behind Reagan’s Stra- LaRouche traveled to India where they
tegic Defense Initiative (SDI), which had caught the media and even those in Reagan’s own ad- met with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi,
ministration completely off guard when he announced it during an address the previous evening. along with scientists, parliamentarians,
industrialists, and economists. In his
and reassertion of the commitment to republican sovpresentations, LaRouche stressed that the developing sector
ereignty can put the United States back on the road
must band together, creating credit for large scale infrastructo fulfilling our national mission. Kicking the British
ture development along lines consistent with Hamilton’s sysTories out of the Senate should be followed within
tem of political economy. In this endeavor, the British system
minutes with kicking Tory Volcker out of the Fed, and
of Malthusian zero population growth, primitive “sustainable
restarting American industry once again.
The second attachment to the British demand letter is a
leaflet announcing an EIR forum focused on developing the
economies of the Middle East, and exposing the role of British intelligence in creating and funding Muslim Brotherhood
Islamic fundamentalism. The second topic for the EIR forum
concerned an expose of the role of the British Secret Services
in the then-ongoing Soviet succession struggle. Other attachments to the British demand letter to the FBI remain classified.
A review of LaRouche’s activities in 1982, the year the British called for his head, reveals that LaRouche’s policies were
gaining ground on every front and that he had developed a
substantial following in U.S. intelligence and military circles
in support of those policies, including in President Reagan’s
National Security Council. He also posed a direct challenge
to British control of the world’s economy, through the City
of London, Wall Street, and aligned government institutions,
and the hegemonic British economic nostrums of free trade
and speculative capitalism. [SEE BOX]
From December 1981 through February 1983, LaRouche
had been tasked first by the CIA and then by President Reagan’s National Security Council to conduct back-channel disBob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
Mexico’s President José López Portillo addresses the U.N. General
Assembly, on October 1, 1982, where he calls for a new international
economic order. Earler that year, President López Portillo had met
with Lyndon LaRouche, and had acted on the proposals contained
in LaRouche’s Operation Juárez by adopting credit controls on Mexico’s currency, nationalizing the Mexican banking system, and announcing a debt moratorium on Mexican debt.
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