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1982: LaRouche on the World Stage
The year 1982 saw Lyndon LaRouche emerge as a leading world figure, meeting with numerous heads of
state and directly shaping domestic and international policy at the highest level. The level of influence which
LaRouche’s policies gained thrust him into the center of global policy making, and brought down on him the
wrath of the Anglo-American establishment whose reigning geopolitical order he threatened to overturn.
Above, Lyndon LaRouche meets
with policy makers in India during his visit in April 1982 to
meet with Prime Minister Indira
Ghandi, right. Following his trip,
LaRouche issued a fifty-year development policy for India, below.
In April 1982, Lyndon LaRouche traveled to India
where he met with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
The following year, after meeting with LaRouche for
a second time, Indira Ghandi hosted a summit of the
Non-Aligned Movement where she demanded “a
major debt restructuring exercise” and the
creation of a “New International Economic
Order … a comprehensive restructuring of
the international monetary and financial
system.” One year later, in October 1984,
Indira Gandhi was assassinated at her
home in New Delhi.
In May 1982, LaRouche traveled to
Mexico, where he met with President
José López Portillo. Later that year,
President López Portillo addressed
the U.N. General Assembly and called for a “transition to a New International
Economic Order,” or else the world could face “a new medieval Dark Age.”
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Above, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche
speak at a press conference in Mexico
during a visit in May 1982 to meet
with President José López Portillo.
Following their meeting, LaRouche
published Operation Juárez, in which
he proposes that the nations of IberoAmerica use the leverage of their
collective status as debtor nations to
declare a “debt-bomb,” a coordinated
unilateral restructuring of their debts,
and force the establishment of a new
international economic order, left.
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