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development,” and debt slavery—the policies of the World Bank and the IMF—
would be condemned as genocidal and
abandoned. True human progress could
be scientifically and reliably measured,
LaRouche said, by the metric he had
discovered, potential relative population
density, ensuring continuous progressive
economic development.
In May of 1982, LaRouche met with
Mexican President José López Portillo,
and immediately followed that meeting
with a document entitled “Operation
Juárez,” a battle plan for reorganizing the
already-bankrupt world financial system
based on physical-economic developLyndon LaRouche speaks to Ronald Reagan at a candidates forum in New Hampshire during
ment. LaRouche proposed that the nathe 1980 presidential election campaign. Following Reagan’s election, LaRouche and his repretions of Ibero-America use their collec- sentatives were involded in numerous meetings on scientific and strategic policy with members
tive strategic leverage as debtor nations of the presidential transition team and leading members of President Reagan’s National Secuto unite in a common economic bloc and rity Council. Much of the content of those discussions constituted what subsequently became
unilaterally declare a restructuring of their known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). For more, see:
debts and the establishment of a new, just
monetary order. The formation of an International Develop1982-1983 were years of enormous battles within the Reament Bank (IDB) among these nations would serve as a coorgan Administration. On one side was National Security Addinating agency for planning investments and trade expansion
viser William Clark and his assistant Richard Morris, who
among the member republics. “If a sufficient portion of the
continued to task LaRouche and his colleagues at EIR on
Ibero-American nations enter into such an agreement, the renational security issues. On the other were the Anglophiles
sult is the assembly of one of the most powerful economies in
controlled by Vice-President Bush, who found LaRouche to
the world from an array of individually weak powers . . . the
be “the most dangerous man in America.” Richard Morris
Ibero-American continent would rapidly emerge as a leading
testified in the LaRouche cases that Kenneth DeGraffenreid,
economic power of the world, an economic super-power.”
Walter Raymond, and Roy Godson were the three most vocal
In August, López Portillo tried to bring Argentina and Braopponents of LaRouche inside the Reagan Administration.
zil on as partners in “Operation Juárez.” Failing that, in SepRaymond, along with Bush, DeGraffenreid, and Margaret
tember 1982, López Portillo acted on LaRouche’s proposal,
Thatcher, were the primary authors of Project Democracy,
adopting credit controls on Mexico’s currency, nationalizing
ceding perception-control and regime-change operations to
the Mexican banking system, and announcing a debt morprivate organizations and NGOs operating under CIA and
atorium on Mexican debt. Wall Street, the City of London,
MI6 direction.
and allied intelligence agencies, having scrambled to prevent
implementation of LaRouche’s plan, now targetted LaRouche
Enter Mueller
and López Portillo. Nonetheless, in October 1982, in a speech
at the UN, López Portillo called for a new financial system
In 1982, Robert Mueller joined the staff of U.S. Attorney
essentially along the lines LaRouche specified.
William Weld in Boston, Massachusetts. He had previously
These proposals were all perfectly consistent with Franklin
been in private practice in San Francisco while waiting to be
Delano Roosevelt’s post-World War II vision of ending Britaccepted into the U.S. attorney’s office there. His life’s dream
ish colonialism, and developing the world based upon recipwas to prosecute. Mueller and Weld concentrated on public
rocally beneficial trade relationships among nation states, the
corruption cases, targeting and taking down the administra“idealism” Henry Kissinger attacked in his Chatham House
tion of popular Boston Mayor Kevin White, in an investigaaddress.
tion widely criticized for “gestapo tactics” and prosecutorial
Such were a few of Lyndon LaRouche’s many activities in 1982.
Bob Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin
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