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Support International Collaboration
Remove barriers to international collaboration in space — especially
impediments to U.S. cooperation with China and Russia (as typified by the
so-called Wolf Amendment, barring NASA from working with China).
A science city on Mars, as proposed by Lyndon LaRouche. In 1988, he wrote that “If the United States follows the approach I
have proposed, we shall have our first permanent colony on Mars by the year a.d. 2027. During a few years following that, that
colony will grow into an increasingly self-sustained community, the size of a medium-sized city on Earth. Long before a.d. 2027,
the average U.S. taxpayer will have gained an enormous personal profit from the earlier, preparatory stages of the program
as a whole.” The development of new scientific breakthroughs and technologies allows us, uniquely among known species, to
transform our relationship to nature by improving the productive powers of labor. This creative potential, common to all people, is
the basis for international collaboration in space, science, and culture, to advance the common aims of mankind.
The new historical era initiated with LaRouche’s
Moon-Mars program is also the end of the era of geopolitics—a dog-eat-dog view of the world built upon the
assumptions of finite resources and limits to growth.
As Ehricke beautifully elucidated in his philosophical
work, this “closed-world” view is unnatural, and will only
lead to further conflict, war, and suffering. Mankind’s
natural condition is the creation of an “open-world” pro14
cess, in which the conquest of the Moon and Mars are
the next frontiers in a trajectory of endless progress for
our species—bringing new resources, new technologies,
and new wealth at every step of the way. The necessity of
pursuing this next frontier—to ensure mankind doesn’t
suffer from a “closed-world” death spiral—is what Ehricke called the Extraterrestrial Imperative.
We see this conflict between “open” vs. “closed” world
We Commit to the Moon-Mars Mission


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