We Commit To The Moon-Mars Mission - The True Spark for Changing the Culture - Page 3

On Dec 11, 2017,
in the presence
of space experts,
astronauts (one
of whom went to
the Moon), and
a piece of lunar
rock returned by
the last Apollo
mission, President
Trump signed
Space Policy
Directive 1, setting
a human return
to the Moon as
America’s next
great space goal.
A 50-year, international crash program for lunar industrialization, the development of fusion-powered space
flight, and Mars colonization will be the most important driver for the U.S. and global economies. President
Trump’s plan to return to the Moon by 2024 is the correct first step; let’s see the full program through.
LaRouche PAC is circulating the petition, “We Commit to the Moon-Mars Mission,” calling upon President
Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress to commit to the
following crucial elements required to ensure the success of that mission. Each of these elements, enumerated here, is further developed in the pages that follow.
We, the undersigned, pledge our commitment to the following program, and we call
upon President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress to commit to it as well.
• Successfully realize the Artemis mission to bring
mankind—including the first woman—to the Moon to
stay in 2024, as President Trump and his NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, have called for.
• Make Artemis the first step towards the industrialization of the Moon, as the economic platform enabling
human colonization of Mars and human exploration of
the Solar System—as first thoroughly defined by the late
space visionary Krafft Ehricke.
• Develop advanced fusion propulsion spacecraft, fueled by the helium-3 resources on the Moon—enabling
safe and rapid human travel to Mars and other regions
in the Solar System, with the goal of achieving constant
one-gravity acceleration/deceleration as the standard
for human interplanetary missions.
• Achieve this Moon-Mars program through an inColonizing Space Will Change Our Culture
ternational 50-year crash program, as outlined by the
late economist Lyndon LaRouche—ensuring the high
rates of economic payback on Earth which can only be
reached by developing new space and fusion technologies, and sharing those technologies internationally as
the basis for durable peace on this planet.
• Reform or eliminate the speculative and predatory
aspects of the international financial system, as a necessary step to ensure sovereign nations can generate the
long-term credit agreements needed to facilitate this
• Remove barriers to international collaboration in
space—especially impediments to U.S. cooperation
with China and Russia (as typified by the so-called Wolf
Amendment, barring NASA from working with China).
This program coheres with remarks made by Lyndon


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