We Commit To The Moon-Mars Mission - The True Spark for Changing the Culture - Page 4

LaRouche to a December 2009 international conference
in Russia:
In order to realize the objectives which stand before
us now, we have to give mankind a new mission—mankind as a whole. The mission is typified by the idea of
the Mars colonization program. This requires us to
make the kinds of changes, in terms of scientific progress, which are needed for mankind’s future existence.
We have many problems on this planet. And we can
not solve those problems, extensively, without going
into a development of the Solar System as a habitat of
mankind. We’re on the edge of doing that, scientifically.
There are many scientific discoveries, yet to be made,
which will make it possible to act for man’s colonization of Mars. That will be in some time to come. But
what we need now is the intention of accomplishing the
Mars colonization program. We need to educate and
develop generations of young people who will be oriented to that kind of mission. In the coming period, we
will have the birth of young people who will be part of
the colonization of Mars, in one way or the other, before this century is out.
We need to give mankind a sense of purpose, developmental purpose, not only throughout the planet, but through the
influence of Earth on the adjoining regions of the Solar System, and beyond.
Those objectives are feasible. There are, admittedly,
many problems to be solved, scientific problems, which
are not yet resolved. We have many questions. But, essentially, we know this is feasible. We know this should
be feasible within two or three generations. What we
have to do, is give to people, who will be the grandchildren, born now, to give them something to realize.
When we’re dead and gone, they will be there, three
generations from now, four generations from now.
They will be the people who actually colonize areas beyond Earth itself. We need to give them the opportunity to do so. We need to give society, in the meantime,
the mission-orientation of achieving that colonization,
for our descendants, three generations or so down the
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As a result of President Trump’s decisions, NASA’s Orion spacecraft will rocket towards the Moon with the 2024 launch of Artemis 3,
which will bring Americans—the next man and the first woman—to the surface of the Moon, in the first human lunar landing of the
21st Century! This wonderful development will serve as a springboard for further space exploration and scientific advancement.
We Commit to the Moon-Mars Mission

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